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Binky’s Mum’s review

Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you so much for my dog’s harness! I have a working cocker spaniel that has always pulled on the lead, but now it’s a pleasure to walk her, she stays by my side and it keeps the pressure off of her neck. I would recommend these harnesses to anyone!

Great harness, fully effective for preventing ‘pull’. It comes with full instructions and a handy diagram for the first time of use. Quick and easy to put on and made of strong, quality webbing. Washable too. Max the Collie

This is from a local dog Walker in Thame

I have tried lots of harnesses in the past and found nothing that works, being a dog walker I need to have all the dogs walk on the lead nicely with no pulling.
I tried the walkezee harness on my parson terrier, who used to pull so bad, he now walks to heel lovely.
Any clients dogs that pull are all now walked on a walkezee harness making my job much easier and a nicer more comfortable walk for the dogs.
Highly recommended, they come in a great range of colours with leads to match.

Joan McCormack – Used my one today on my 6 months sprockerpoo, l was amazed hope it continues, it was a relaxing and no pulling experience!

I’ve used the walkezee harness for over a year now and find it great. Easy and peace of mind to use for correction as it pulls from the chest rather than the neck. I like that I have a choice of what side I can hook my lead or if in busier places use both. From Claire storms owner